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Natures immune booster

Product Description
90 Echinacea 1000mg Cold & Flu Capsules
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Cold & Flu Defence Special Offer
90 Echinacea 1000mg Cold & Flu Capsules
90 Ultra Vitamins & Minerals Capsules
90 Vitamin C 1000mg Tablets

Suitable for vegetarians
• Supporting immune health.
• Strengthen immune defenses.
• Promote a healthy respiratory tract.
• Helps to fight colds, flu, and other infections

Echinacea has a rich tradition of use by North American Plains Indians who used it medicinally more than any other plant. Echinacea helps to support immune health by increasing the activity of our own immune cells, and so strengthens our immune defence. Active ingredients from the plant are thought to fight colds, flu, and other infections.

Echinacea's activity is thought to be due to polysaccharides contained in the root.

Echinacea is especially popular during certain seasons where it is used to help ward off the winter cold.

*THR Licence 33336/0002

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